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NIJA Inspection Guidelines

Northern Illinois Jeep Alliance Forums Jeep Safety NIJA Inspection Guidelines


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    _____ Steering and Linkage – Steering linkage and components must be in good working order.
    Steering box and linkage cannot be loose when turning the steering wheel.
    _____ Brakes and Lines – Vehicle must have front and rear brakes in good working condition. All brake lines must be secured to the axle and/or frame. Brake pedal pressure sill be tested with the vehicle not running. The pedal cannot be spongy or sink to the floor.
    _____ Lug Nuts – No lug nuts may be missing.
    _____ Tow Points/ Hooks – Each vehicle must have at least one hooking point safely secured to the frame at each end. Hooks must be bolted with two ½” or larger Grade 5 or better bolts. If rear tow point is to be a receiver hitch the hitch must be a class 3. The drawbar must be secured with a grade 8 bolt which will have double nuts or a lock washer. If clevises are used they must be the screw types. Clevises with a pin held in with a cotter pin will NOT be allowed.
    _____ Suspension System and U-Bolts – No threaded rod for U-bolts will be allowed. No suspension damage. No lift blocks between the front axle housing and the front spring.
    _____ Battery Mount – The battery mount must be O.E.M. style or equivalent. No wire, rubber, or nylon straps allowed. Battery must not move.
    _____ Exhaust System – All vehicles must have mufflers attached to the engine. No open headers or straight pipes.
    _____ Seat Belts – Seat belts are required for all passengers. Set belts must be properly anchored.
    _____ Roll Bar – Vehicles with unsound body structure must have frame mounted roll bars. Roll bars must be at least 1-3/4” in diameter for the main loop and kickers. No well pipe or exhaust tubing. The main bar must be a continuous loop with no welding. Kickers must be at least half way up the main loop or higher. Fiberglass or aluminum bodies must have frame mounted roll bars.
    _____ Fire Extinguisher – Minimum 2 pound type A, B, or C. No halon. Must be mounted within reach of the driver and be fully charged.
    _____ Tow Strap – 2 inch minimum, 10,000 pound minimum rating. Strap must be in good shape, no excessive tears or fraying. Tow straps cannot have hooks attached to them.
    _____ Miscellaneous – Floorboards must be able to protect passengers from bodily injury. Skid plates are required under the gas tank. All vehicles must have a working C.B. radio. No excessive fluid leaks on vehicle. All body panels must be securely attached to the vehicle. Jack and lug wrench are required. A first aid kit is required. Proof of adequate liability insurance will be checked.
    All vehicles must pass our courtesy inspection before being allowed on any trail rides.
    NIJA courtesy inspectors will have the authority to make the final decision on any questionable vehicle equipment.

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